Project leadership

Alceo Engineering Technology

It’s a well-known secret that many IT projects fail. In fact, the majority of organizations that study project success rates would agree that somewhere around 60% -70% of IT Software and Services projects are deemed to be failures or are do not deliver the desired results. There are a variety of theories on why projects fail; however, predominantly it’s due to the lack of upfront planning and lack of end user adoption. This means projects delivering little or no business value. Discovering and documenting current situation, architecting a solution and roadmap for the future, and leading compound projects requires resources with the right experience.  We are the right resources that will ensure that technology is leveraged to meet the needs and goals of the organization, and measure end user adoption as a paramount. In a project, this makes the difference in achieving success.

  • Project and Program Management (PMO)
  • Business Process Review, Improvement and Definition
  • Support in RFP preparation
  • Support in vendor and software selection